‘We cannot claim ignorance of the fate of those less fortunate either in this country or others. We cannot pretend that the problems of the world are outside our purview and we cannot claim a lack of choice in what we do: our lives are our own, not decided by some militia force as it was in Liberia or is today in the Democratic Republic of Congo. If you listen to the hollow promises and claims of parts of our society, you could assume ownership of an iPhone, a Ferrari, and a waterfront home is all you need to be happy. However, if you listen to your soul and maintain your own counsel, you will hear a more insistent voice urging you to enjoy the true fruits of what it is to be human….and first among these are the rewards of assisting those less fortunate than ourselves. For, believe me, to assist someone to restore their own dignity, be it through respect, compassion, or just keeping them alive is the most rewarding act I have experiences and can imagine.’

Rowan Gillies, former International President of the Council of Medecins Sans Frontieres quoted in The Good Life by Hugh Mackay.



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